“There are so many wonderful things about Mrs. O’s Preschool. One of the most amazing things is how purposeful and fun they are in their teaching. My son attended other preschools before Mrs. O’s, but he did not know his alphabet and couldn’t write the first letter of his name. After four months, not only does he know his alphabet and can write his name, he is starting to learn to read! Thanks to the wonderful teachers, he loves counting and is doing amazing with his numbers. My husband and I had concerns about his learning before he started, but not anymore. Mrs. O’s has been the key to him being kindergarten ready.”


“It can be an intimidating process when you begin the journey of finding the right preschool for your first child. From the moment we walked in the door, we knew Mrs. O’s Preschool was special. The staff is genuine and the building is so beautiful and clean! Their school app sends you pictures of how your child is doing during the day. It’s so wonderful to see how happy my daughter is at school. This place is the real deal. I highly recommend Mrs. O’s Preschool.”


“The attention to detail for each little preschooler at Mrs. O’s is remarkable. The teachers all truly love our kids which creates the best kind of learning environment that enhances all the life skills they are soaking up while learning the necessary things to prepare for kindergarten and beyond. They are experts in their field and I’m amazed by all the learning that has happened here. I would recommend Mrs. O’s to everyone with preschoolers, it is the perfect place for a little one to grow and learn!”


“We LOVE Mrs. O's Preschool! The teachers are incredible and very caring. They spend so much time getting to know each "friend" and are able to assist each child individually. The school is super safe and very clean. Honestly couldn't ask for a better place to send our child.”


“Children and adults ADORE the Lum’s! Take your children here! You will never be sorry!”


“We absolutely love every aspect of Mrs. Os Preschool. From the top notch teachers who truly care and nurture the students, to the beautiful school and welcoming environment that the staff have created there. It truly is top notch at every turn! It’s so nice to have such peace of mind that your little one will be valued and cared for, and at the same time will grow and learn in such a wonderful environment. What a valuable blessing Mrs. Os preschool has been to our family. I can’t recommend it enough!”


“Choosing an excellent preschool was a priority for me. Mrs. O’s Preschool has exceeded my hopes for my child’s first experience with education. All the teachers are incredibly well trained and it shows in their professional demeanor. At the same time, each teacher meets children at eye level with joy and gentleness.

Mrs. O’s creates an atmosphere of safety, exceptional quality, and personalized touches. My child is in excellent hands while we are apart and she is blossoming and growing so fast before my eyes.

I believe the secure environment allows her to try new things and stretch herself among her peers.

The list of amazing things about Mrs. O’s is incredibly long. Stellar communication, safety, social emotional expertise, and memories for a lifetime are at the top.

(It will be incredibly tough to leave this magical school and head to kindergarten!)”


We were not even looking for pre-school for our 3 year old, Emily, but when the opportunity came for her to be a part of the first year of Mrs. O’s pre-school, we could not pass it up. We could tell you that we love the beautiful facility, the detailed communication, and the kindergarten prep she is getting, and that would all be true. But what we love most about Mrs. O’s is the staff, and their love for learning. I have a three year old that wakes up excited to go to school every day, and at this age, I do not think there is anything more important than that. Emily loves school, and the staff is laying the foundation for her to be a life-long learner. There is no metric or benchmark that is more important than that. We are so grateful for the teachers, and would recommend this school to anyone.


“We can’t say enough good things about Mrs. O’s preschool. We sincerely love and trust all four teachers. They do an incredible job of making each child feel comfortable and able to thrive. The atmosphere that the teachers have created is so warm and welcoming from the moment your child steps inside the doors to the moment that are checked out for the day. Our third child is currently attending. Our oldest two went to a wonderful preschool, but if Mrs. O’s had been open when the older two were in preschool, we would’ve sent them to Mrs. O’s. It’s just that great. Our fourth child will be attending next year and we are so excited!”


“For my friends who live in Portage/Kalamazoo and surrounding areas, check out Mrs. O’s Preschool. When we were in the process of moving from the southeast part of the state I literally drove to Portage to check out the school and got David immediately enrolled. Here’s a big plus! If you are looking for your young child to have a head start then Mrs. O’s Preschool is the place for your child. Owner and teachers are former kindergarten teachers from a top school in Portage schools District. David is on the same reading curriculum as Aniya. I’m pleased with Mrs. O’s Preschool, and found comfort in knowing David will be ready to tackle Kindergarten on day one!”


“So happy to hear that Mrs. O and her daughters are starting a preschool. When I moved to Portage, I heard about "Mrs. O the kindergarten teacher" all the time. Luckily my daughter ended up in her class. I still remember Mrs. O sending home Llama Llama Misses Mama in my daughter's backpack as she cried during class when it was read aloud. Very compassionate and loving family!”


“Mrs. O is an all-star educator! Me, and my two sisters were lucky enough to have Mrs. O as our kindergarten teacher. She was one of my favorite teachers during my K-12 years. Her positive reputation goes beyond the classroom; she is kind, smart, and I feel confident any child will grow and learn at this preschool.”


“Both of my children were fortunate enough to have Mrs. O. as their Kindergarten teacher at Moorsbridge Elementary. They are now 21 and 18 and still both consider Mrs. O. one of their all-time favorite teachers. Mrs. O. and her daughters are in education for all the right reasons - they truly love what they do. My daughter has wanted to be a teacher since she was 6 years old and this is without a doubt a result of her experience of having Mrs. O. as a teacher. My daughter also had the opportunity to volunteer in Meaghan Lum’s classroom for multiple years and that just reinforced her desire to study education. I am envious of the families that get to attend Mrs. O.’s (and her daughters!) Preschool - there is no doubt that it will be an organized, stimulating and loving environment where young children will blossom.”


“My son has learned so much since starting Mrs O’s. We only wish we found Mrs O’s sooner! All the teachers are amazing!!”


“If you are looking for the best option for your preschool child, I'm sure Mrs O's preschool is the best option. My daughter had the opportunity to have Miss Lum as a teacher at Moorsbridge Elementary...the best teacher she could have!”


“What an amazing group of women! They love their job and adore the little ones they teach... You won't find a more caring family to teach your babies…”


“These women are top notch amazing! I have worked with them in the past and only wish my kids had the opportunity to have them as teachers! The community is so lucky to have this dynamic trio. Congratulations!! Sooo happy for you all.”


“Your child will absolutely love learning and be taught by the most amazing teachers. While I was doing my student teaching Nancy, Meaghan and Katelyn taught me the most important skills that I still use to this day!As an elementary teacher, I would highly recommend Mrs. O's Preschool!”


“Highly skilled teachers committed to the social-emotional and intellectual growth of every child.”


“Mrs. O’s Preschool will be staffed with three caring and experienced Portage primary teachers. They will create an amazing place for your child to learn and blossom!”


“Three amazing ladies! Not only have I had the honor to be a colleague and friend to these very talented ladies but my kids also had Mrs O. as their teacher. She is very dedicated and always puts kids first. What I love about their pre-school is that they know exactly what kids need prior to entering school. Your kids would be lucky to call any of these ladies their teacher.”


“I have known this family for a long time. They are wonderful teachers, wonderful with children, and just all around good people.”


“Wonderful loving family that truly loves little ones! You can’t ask for better experience from the outstanding backgrounds of all three of these professional ladies.”


“Every teacher is skilled at teaching and they are wonderful people. I highly recommend them and trust them with my own children!”


“One of the most loving and caring families we know. And incredible competent teachers!! You will not regret this choice!!”


“I personally know the family that runs Mrs. O's and I have nothing but nice things to say about them. They are incredibly loving, inclusive, and caring for all their students. I only wish they were located on the east side of the state. They have also built a fantastic new facility for their students to enjoy while being at school.”


“Mrs. O was my kindergarten teacher 18 years ago. I am incredibly thankful to have learned from her at such a young age. She is warm, caring and incredibly kind. I absolutely recommend this preschool!”